Media Mentions

Heritage Foundation/The Kevin Roberts Show

Revitalizing the Right after a Generation of Decay

Arthur Milikh, Executive Director of the Claremont Institute's Center for the American Way of Life, joins Kevin to dissect the challenges conservatives face in a rapidly changing cultural and political landscape, and how they can regain influence.

Institute for Family Studies

Challenging the No-Fault Divorce Regime

Divorce laws both create and reflect a reality about marriage. When divorce is difficult or impossible to secure, marriage is thought of as an enduring, tighter community, and small irritants can be forgotten or forgiven. When divorce is easy to secure, partners in a marriage tend to think of themselves as individuals first before marriage partners, and marriages can dissolve easily...

First Things

Natural Law in the Courts

The latest installment of an ongoing interview series with contributing editor Mark Bauerlein. Hadley Arkes, Claremont Institute Senior Fellow, joins the podcast...

The Bulwark

The Author of the ‘Coup Memos’ Sticks to His Story

It’s worth taking a moment to check in on one of Trump's chief accomplices in the effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election: constitutional law scholar and Claremont Institute stalwart John C. Eastman, author of the notorious “coup memos.”

American Greatness

The Truth is Out There

Discourse appears to be the least of our problems. Political philosophy and political life itself have entered a post-everything phase, and this has rendered the very meaning of America on shaky grounds. What can we do in this situation?


Sound of Freedom: A Politically Incorrect Review

Like most Americans, if you spend little time following the mainstream media’s drift into obscurantism and paranoia, motivated by increasing irrelevance in the social media age, you’d write something like Krista Bontrager, a Conservative Christian writer, saying, “the film has now become entangled in another weird controversy.” And, like many evangelicals who have begun retreating from the political unraveling of our times and, faced with an increasingly immoral and “weird” hostility towards Christianity, you would make what appears to be a neutral and nuanced conclusion, but, nonetheless, one still supportive of that immoral and “weird” hostility. In short, you would not promote the film until further notice...

Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Conservative Conversations with ISI

Glenn Ellmers joins the podcast to discuss his new book, The Narrow Passage, about the permanent political problems that stem from reason in politics...