The mission of the Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence is to restore the constitutional design envisioned by our nation’s founders. This means fighting to uphold the Constitution’s guarantees of natural rights—such as the Second Amendment, property rights, and the right to life—as well as working to restore the Constitution’s structural protections of our liberty—such as the separation of powers, federalism, the non-delegation doctrine, and the limits inherent in the grant of specifically enumerated powers. Federal overreach in areas such as health care, environmental protection, and local spending has created an extraordinary number of litigation opportunities which the Center advances by pursing strategic litigation from initial complaint all the way through to Supreme Court review. Think of the Center as a corrective to the legal establishment’s contempt for American principles of natural right and limited government—the principles of the Framers of the Constitution. In addition to our litigation work, we hold seminars, run legal clinics, and oversee the John Marshall Fellowship, which trains the next generation of judges and legal scholars.