natural rights

– Sketch of CCJ Founding Director John C. Eastman arguing before the Supreme Court

The Courts Have Strayed From Constitutionalism and the Natural Law

Whether it’s speech, religion, life and family, or even health care policy, we are rapidly losing our Founders’ vision, and thus, we are rapidly losing the constitutionalism of a free country and a free people. What began in the academy has now taken hold in the judiciary, each reinforcing the other, and our entire legal system—and thus political system and constitutional design—is at great intellectual and practical risk.

The restoration of our founding principles requires our judges and the broader legal community to be committed to the moral reasoning underlying free government.

Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence

The mission of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence’s litigation program is, through strategic litigation, to restore the principles of the American founding to their rightful and preeminent authority in our national life, and to educate the next generation of lawyers and opinion leaders about the importance of these principles to individual liberty.

A Claremont solution: An Academy and Center for the Restoration of Constitutionalism

Think of the Center as a corrective to the legal establishment’s contempt for American principles of natural right and natural law—those principles of John Marshall and the Framers of the Constitution. The Center has a faculty and a curriculum and holds public and private seminars, hosts an online law journal, and runs one or more legal clinics that train lawyers and judicial clerks and file briefs on important cases of constitutional law. The curriculum is delivered through Fellowships, publications, and year round programs, both in person and online. Our students come from top law schools. Our primary audience is two-fold: the next generation of judges and legal scholars, and those among the current legal elite, most particularly judges.

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