Press Release

The New CRB Issue Is Online

The Claremont Review of Books Spring 2023 Issue is now online.

With affirmative action policies in higher education being one of the most important cases the Supreme Court considered this past term, the Claremont Review of Books’s new Spring 2023 issue takes up the question of “Whatever Happened to Civil Rights?” In this cover feature, Diana Schaub looks at the contributions of African settlers in a colonial America dedicated in principle to equal rights, Myron Magnet evaluates Martin Luther King, Jr.’s efforts to see that principle fully realized, and in a sweeping essay, Jesse Merriam traces how racial quotas came to so dominate academia that, as he puts it, “The pursuit of diversity, as opposed to knowledge or truth, now constitutes the essence of what it means for a college or university to exist.”

Our latest issue also features senior editor William Voegeli on the dilemma rising crime has become for the Democratic Party, contributing editor Christopher Caldwell on the discord roiling France’s politics, and Claremont fellow Scott Yenor on what country music’s most enduring female singers can teach us about men and women. Our book reviews include Glenn Ellmers on Michael Zuckert’s A Nation So Conceived: Abraham Lincoln and the Paradox of Democratic Sovereignty; Mackubin T. Owens on Mark Moyar’s Triumph Regained: The Vietnam War, 1965–1968; and Carl R. Trueman on Mark Goldblatt’s I Feel, Therefore I Am: The Triumph of Woke Subjectivism.