Press Release

The New 2023 Fall CRB Issue Is Online

The Claremont Review of Books Fall 2023 Issue is now online.

Our cover features three pieces on Israel and the war in Gaza, highlighted by Mark Helprin’s exploration of the strategic challenges facing Israel in “Israel at the Precipice Once Again.” The great Harvey Mansfield has two pieces in this issue, one on his old teacher, “The Legacy of Leo Strauss After 50 Years,” and another on the roots of “woke” (with an introduction by Senator Tom Cotton.) Glenn Ellmers also makes two appearances – in an essay exploring “Harry V. Jaffa and his Critics,” and in a review by Michael Anton of Ellmer’s profound new book The Narrow Passage. We also have Christopher Flannery on Shakespeare, Christopher Caldwell on Germany, William Voegeli on the Left, the woke, and Hamas, and much, much more. We hope you enjoy.