Press Release

Provocations Release: How We Got Our Antiracist Constitution

Washington, D.C.—We are excited to share with you an insightful, newly released Provocations booklet titled “How We Got Our Antiracist Constitution: Canonizing Brown v. Board of Education in Courts and Minds” by our Washington Fellow, Jesse Merriam.

This sobering and thoughtful analysis documents how we ended up leaving behind the Constitution and taking up a new constitutional order: The so-called “Antiracist Constitution.”

Beginning by tracing the history of Brown v. Board of Education (1954) and the canonization of the ruling, this Provocations booklet surveys the process that made the two legal principles stemming from the Brown decision—that diversity is a constitutional good and discrimination is a constitutional evil—the twin pillars of our political morality.

The essay doesn’t stop at just showing you the new order; it also shows you how this order works in making both sides of the aisle two sides of a deeply corroded coin.

Until we, as a nation, are willing to remove our self-imposed blinders, we stand no chance of throwing off the tightening yoke of the woke, “antiracist” constitution. Take the first step.