Speechwriters Fellowship

September 18 - November 13 (weekly) in Washington, DC

The 2019 Speechwriters Fellowship will commence September 26 and end November 13. Classes will take place weekly, typically on Wednesdays, from 6:30-9:30 PM on Capitol Hill. Dinner will be provided.

The application window for this program is now closed.

About the Fellowship
Founded in 2017, the Claremont Institute Speechwriters Fellowship combines an education in the principles of the American Founding with a study of modern political speech craft. Fellows meet one evening a week for eight weeks.

Upon acceptance into the program, fellows will receive a reading packet with designated primary texts and assignments, when applicable, for each course.

The Curriculum
This year’s curriculum will pay special attention to the dominant political themes animating the 2020 presidential election, such as socialism, immigration, equality, and trade. Fellows will engage in a theoretical and rhetorical study of these themes under the direction of Claremont scholars and former presidential speechwriters, as well as through peer-led discussions and workshops.

Who Should Apply?
Speechwriters currently serving in the executive or legislative branches of federal government. Speechwriters working in the private or non-profit sector may also apply.

Required Information:

  • Personal information
  • Resume
  • Personal statement
  • 2 speeches
  • A writing sample (published or unpublished op-ed)
  • 1-2 recommendations (optional; may be mailed separately)
  • Transcripts (optional)

The Fellowship could not have been a more valuable experience. It struck the perfect balance between serious study of first principles, practical advice from veteran writers, and opportunities to talk and compare notes with peers from across the government.

– Chief Speechwriter, Senator Mitch McConnell


[The Claremont Speechwriters Fellowship] connected older traditions with a newer, younger generation charged with maintaining them. It served as a bridge between experienced speechwriters and newbies to the profession, and between scholars and those working in specific political offices. And it has helped me navigate on-the-job traffic that results any time pragmatism, personalities, and principles jockey for room at the writing table.

– Speechwriter, Department of State


Claremont has brought decades of academic and professional Speechwriting experience to bear in this wonderful course which tracks both the development of American political thought and the practical challenges with communicating these convictions to the American people.

– Former Chief Speechwriter, Department of Housing and Urban Development