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Claremont Welcomes David Bahr as managing editor at The American Mind and Spencer Klavan as Assistant Editor at The American Mind and Claremont Review of Books

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September 19, 2019

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Claremont, CA—The Claremont Institute is pleased to announce the hiring of David Bahr as managing editor at The American Mind and Spencer Klavan as assistant editor at The American Mind and Claremont Review of Books. Bahr joins Claremont after several years as communications director at R Street Institute and assistant literary editor at The Weekly Standard. Klavan joins Claremont from the University of Oxford where he taught Ancient Greek literature.

“David Bahr and Spencer Klavan bring timely expertise and energy to the Claremont Review of Books and The American Mind. Few writers have the ability to weave the Western Canon into American pop culture and political life in a way that engages curious minds of all ages,said Ryan Williams, president of The Claremont Institute.

The American Mind is boldly challenging the ideas driving the ‘woke’ Left and the NeverTrump Right—I’m confident Bahr and Klavan will help us continue to pave the path forward for the Right,” added Matthew Peterson, founder and editor-in-chief of The American Mind and vice president of education at Claremont.

Bahr has been awarded prestigious fellowships from the Claremont Institute and the Hertog Foundation. His writing has appeared in the Washington Free Beacon, Washington Examiner, and Claremont Review of Books; he has written on everything from the liberal arts and Latin America to Beyoncé and leftist cynicism. Bahr also publishes a weekly profile on classics of the Western Canon at He is currently writing a book on the nature of failure in politics.

Klavan’s diverse writing has appeared in publications such as The Atlantic, City Journal, Claremont Review of Books, and Los Angeles Times. Klavan is the recipient of multiple awards from Yale University and the University of Oxford. Klavan’s literary career is aided by his knowledge of many languages, including Ancient Greek, Latin, French, and Biblical Hebrew. His new translation of the Book of Isaiah can be found, with commentary, at  

Klavan and Bahr are both welcome additions to the Claremont Institute, whose mission is to “restore the principles of the American founding to their rightful, preeminent authority in our national life.” For nearly 40 years, the Claremont Institute has been a strong and effective leader in the fight to recover and preserve the American idea. Founded in 1979, the Claremont Institute publishes the Claremont Review of Books and American Mind; sponsors the Publius, Lincoln, John Marshall, and Speechwriters Fellowships for rising leaders; defends the Constitution and the principles of the revolution in our nation’s courts through our Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence; and administers a variety of programs and publications on politics and constitutionalism.