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The Claremont Review of Books offers bold arguments for a reinvigorated conservatism, which draws upon the timeless principles of the American Founding and applies them to the moral and political problems we face today. By engaging policy at the level of ideas, the CRB aims to reawaken in American politics a statesmanship and citizenship worthy of our noblest political traditions.

Vol. XIV Number 2, Spring 2014

Table of Contents


From the Editor's Desk

Charles R. Kesler: 
The Apology Game


William Voegeli: 
The Redskins and Their Offense

How sensitive can we get?

Jeremy Rabkin: 
A More Dangerous World

Why Crimea Matters.

Algis Valiunas: 
Bach the Transcendent

Truth and eternal harmonies.

Josiah Lee Auspitz: 
A New Look at Michael Oakeshott

The conservative philosopher’s reputation continues to grow.

John J. Miller: 
Master of Modern Horror

The weirdness of H.P Lovecraft.

Reviews of Books

Christopher Caldwell: 
Freudian Slip

Gabriel Schoenfeld: 
Whistleblowers and Traitors

Hadley Arkes: 
Twin Barbarisms

Edward Feser: 
Silence Speaks

Jean M. Yarbrough: 
Mucking Around

Christopher Flannery: 
Poet of the New World

Vincent Phillip Munoz: 
The Soul of Liberty

Anthony Paletta: 
A Living Tradition

Shadow Play

Martha Bayles: 
Underrating Democracy in China

House of Cards is a hit in China, too.

Parthian Shot

Steven F. Hayward: 
Non Campus Mentis

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