The Claremont Review of Books offers bold arguments for a reinvigorated conservatism, which draws upon the timeless principles of the American Founding and applies them to the moral and political problems we face today. By engaging policy at the level of ideas, the CRB aims to reawaken in American politics a statesmanship and citizenship worthy of our noblest political traditions.

Volume XV Number 3

Table of Contents

From the Editor's Desk

Charles R. Kesler: 
You're Fired



William Voegeli: 
That New-Time Religion

There are worse things to believe in than nothing.

Charles R. Kesler: 
The Obama Transformation versus the Reagan Revolution

The great contest in 2016.

Thomas D. Klingenstein: 
Dereliction of Duty

Peter Wood: 
Forgetting Freedom

The rise of campus authoritarianism.

Timothy Sandefur: 
The Politics of Star Trek

From the New Frontier to the final frontier.

Reviews of Books

Charles Murray: 
Kids Today

Christopher Caldwell: 
Reckoning with Reagan

Christopher DeMuth: 
Our Corrupt Government

James W. Ceaser: 
The One

Brian T. Kennedy: 
Choosing Defeat

Peter Skerry: 
Imagine No Religion

Justin Dyer: 
Marriage License

Benjamin Balint: 
The Nazi Jurist

Michael M. Uhlmann: 
Two Cheers for Originalism

Joseph Epstein: 
From Tom to T.S.

A.M. Juster: 
Passionate Focus

Diana Furchtgott-Roth: 
Who Needs Unions?

James Grant: 
The Subprime Directive

Allan H. Meltzer: 
Don’t Just Do Something

Richard Vedder: 
From Bad to Worse

Denis Boyles: 
The Man on Horseback

Ken Masugi: 
Lukewarm Lincoln

Michael P. Zuckert: 
A More Perfect Union

Shadow Play

Martha Bayles: 
Personal Technology

Parthian Shot

Steven F. Hayward: 
What's In a Name?

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