Town Halls

An Executive Gone Wild

What are the Constitutional Limits on Executive Authority?

In this tele-town hall, Dr. John C. Eastman discusses the legal and constitutional underpinnings of President Obama's executive actions on immigration.

In a commentary for Roll Call in August 2014, Dr. Eastman addressed many of the claims President Obama has used to defend his actions in an analysis of the DREAM Act's provisions and justifications. Dr. Eastman noted that:

In 2012 the president unilaterally gave effect to the DREAM Act as if it was law via a memo from his Secretary of Homeland Security. Who knew? If the president already had the power to impose the DREAM Act, why all the angst in Congress for over a decade of trying to get the bill passed? Why did the president himself claim in 2011 that he had no such authority?

Similar questions have also been raised regarding the President's claim of executive authority based in prosecutorial discretion.

Dr. Eastman discusses the moral and legal implications of this new immigration policy and addresses concerns regarding the harm unilateral executive action does to the structure of our constitutional form of government.