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In the fall of 2014, The Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence began offering Town Halls, which are now hosted via webcast to facilitate a conversation with our allies and supporters regarding the events of the day.  Town Halls are 30 to 60 minute conversations featuring Dr. John C. Eastman, joined by experts selected for their experience and authority in the issues to be addressed.  

Dr. Eastman and his guests begin each teleforum by discussing the case or events at hand, and welcome live questions from the audience to deepen the debate.

Our regularly scheduled teleforums occur soon after the U.S. Supreme Court concludes oral arguments each month. However, as events of national, constitutional consequence take place, the Center will often host additional teleforums to add The Claremont Institute’s unique perspective to the conversation.

To join the conversation, register for our next Town Hall using the button to the right.  Once registered you will receive an email with instructions on joining the event at its scheduled time. When you join, Dr. Eastman and his guests will be able to take your questions.

We hope you will join us for our next Town Hall.