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You may designate your gift to any of our programs, and receive recognition for leadership support of that program, as described below. A gift at any level is gratefully received and carefully applied to advance the march back to constitutional government and the preservation of the natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Publius, Lincoln, and John Marshall Fellowships

Your generosity provides the critical support to educate the smartest, most talented, and promising young conservatives coming out of our universities, graduate schools, and law schools.The Publius Fellowship is an intensive two-week summer course in American political thought and journalism. It brings together some of the country’s brightest college seniors and graduate students who have demonstrated the potential to distinguish themselves in public policy or political journalism.At the Lincoln Fellowship, over the course of one week, we teach the principles that built America into the freest and most prosperous nation in history to young professionals already established in the field of public policy.

The John Marshall Fellowship teaches law students, particularly those who will be judicial clerks, the natural law understanding of the Constitution.

A gift of $10,000 will sponsor one student in your name at a Fellowship program of your choosing. You will be invited to a seminar session and the opening or closing dinner where you will meet students and faculty. You will also receive a personal correspondence from your Fellow.

A gift at any level, to any Fellowship program, will help educate America’s future conservative leaders.


The Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence

The Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence instructs law students, judicial clerks, judges and legal scholars in the moral reasoning that underlies the Founders’ constitution. The Center runs the John Marshall Fellowship program, files amicus briefs, litigates in Federal court, and hosts seminars and briefings for judges, public-spirited lawyers, and law professors. The Center has filed briefs in more than seventy cases before the Supreme Court of the United States and litigates strategically selected cases on constitutional issues.

A gift of $10,000 will support the development and distribution of briefs, which are written by faculty and law students.

A gift of $5,000 will sponsor half a term of tele-townhalls.

A gift of any amount designated to the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence will assist to educate the next generation of lawyers and opinion leaders about the importance of the Founding principles to individual liberty.


The Claremont Review of Books

The Claremont Review of Books invigorates the public mind by returning to the principles of a distinctively American conservatism. It is our flagship publication and arguably the nation’s leading journal of conservative political thought and statesmanship. It is distributed to 14,000 subscribers, opinion leaders, elected officials, and leading citizens across the country. Forums in New York, southern California, and Washington D.C. continue the in-depth exploration of important issues in politics, political philosophy, and literature. Such CRB Forums serve as continuing education opportunities for our fellowship alumni and the wider public.

With a gift commitment of $100,000, which can be paid over four years, you will be invited to join the Publication Committee of the Claremont Review of Books. Committee members are listed prominently in each issue, and are invited to exclusive events with Claremont Review of Books editors and contributors.

A gift of $20,000 will sponsor a CRB-focused event. You will be publicly acknowledged as a Claremont Review of Books Event Sponsor and invited to a private meeting with the panelists.

Your gift to the Claremont Review of Books in any amount helps to continue the publication of this important journal of political thought and statesmanship.


Lectures and Conferences

Policy lectures, conferences, colloquia, and briefings are held by Claremont Institute educators across the country. Our educators write essays and articles that appear in prominent publications. Topics include constitutional limits on government power, constitutional law, the war on terror, the national debt, the dangers of judicial activism and job creation.

A gift of $15,000 will support travel, lectures and attendance at conferences by Claremont Institute Fellows and scholars for one year. You will have the opportunity to attend a conference or lecture, and meet with the lecturer or author. You will be publicly acknowledged in written materials, and orally, at the associated event.

Your support of lectures and conferences at any level will help our faculty disseminate their work and expand the influence of the Claremont Institute.


Continuing Education and Career-building Assistance for Fellows

In an age of increasingly aggressive liberalism, we must start the hard but necessary task of building a new conservative movement. At retreats, in small groups, and online, we provide continuing education to Fellowship alumni in order to build a community of statesmen, scholars, and opinion leaders who will strengthen the conservative movement by making arguments for limited government that are based on an unshakeable intellectual foundation.

Your support of this program will provide ongoing efforts at continuing education, career-building, and marketing the work of our Publius, Lincoln, and John Marshall Fellows.