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Click on the section headings below for guides to essential reading for anyone interested in what Harry Jaffa has called "the scholarship of the politics of freedom."

The Founding

The best primer on the American Founding remains Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Tom West's Vindicating the Founders. To buy the book, click on the thumbnail in the right-hand column. For an introductory guide to the themes of the book and relevant writings, click on "The Founding" section heading above.

Once you have reviewed West's work, proceed to page two of primer, Finding the Founding Today.

The Progressive Revolt
Against the Founding

To understand modern liberalism, one must return to its dominant political and intellectual source: Progressivism.

Our Congress:
Delegation Over Deliberation

Formerly the deliberative branch, Congress has increasingly become a mere oversight board for the true lawmaking body: the modern bureaucracy.

American Conservatism

Since it's founding in 1979, The Claremont Institute has been arguing that modern conservatism must return to the principles of the American Founding if it is to recover constitutional government.

Culture & Character

The Common Defense:
American Foreign Policy



Vindicating the Founders

Tom West's Vindicating the Founders: Race, Sex, Class, and Justice in the Origins of America



Constitutional Government

Tom West and Doug Jeffrey: The Rise and Fall of Constitutional Government in America


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