Thank you for your interest in joining the Claremont Institute’s Host Committee! The Host Committee is a select group of dedicated supporters who make sure Claremont can connect our scholars and thinkers with everyday Americans through events all around the country. 

Claremont’s events seek to educate policymakers, activists, and citizens in the enduring principles of the American Founding. We provide eager audiences across the nation with the intellectual ammunition they need to combat the reigning progressivism of our government, courts, and schools. Many of our events also help Claremont stay in touch with our growing network of Fellowship alumni, allowing us to provide a continuing education in statesmanship to America's most promising young conservatives.

Recent Events Include:

Book Event: Celebrating the release of Claremont Institute John Marshall Fellow Ilan Wurman's book, A Debt Against the Living: An Introduction to Originalism, featuring the author in conversation with Claremont President Ryan Williams. (Orange County, CA)

2018 Annual Churchill Dinner: Honoring the Claremont Institute’s many prestigious Fellowship alumni, featuring a keynote address by U.S. Senator Tom Cotton. (Newport Beach, CA)

“The Resistance and the New Violent Left”: A panel discussion with Angelo Codevilla, William Voegeli, Henry Olsen, Matt Walsh, and Ryan Williams. (Washington, D.C.)

2018 Constitution Day Celebration: A day of lectures and panel discussions on the future of religious liberty, the administrative state, and immigration. (Orange, CA)

You can join the Host Committee with a donation of $10,000. These funds will be used to support the Claremont Institute’s many events throughout the year in California, Washington, D.C., and the rest of the country.

With your annual membership in the Host Committee, you will receive:

  •  A table (10 tickets), with preferred seating, at our annual gala dinner (this year, we are honoring U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Beverly Wilshire on Saturday, May 11th)
  •  Four tickets to the Claremont Institute’s annual Constitution Day Celebration (this year’s event will be held at Chapman University on Saturday, September 14th)
  •  Exclusive invitations to Claremont events in your area (including private salons, book parties, and more)
  •  Recognition in the programs of each Claremont event held this year

Please fill out the form below to make your donation and become a member of the Claremont Institute’s Host Committee.