Claremont Fellowships

We educate the best and most promising young writers, lawyers, activists, academics, entrepreneurs, and public servants through our annual PubliusLincolnJohn Marshall, and Speechwriters Fellowship programs, and engage this next generation of conservative leaders in a life-long study of the true principles of government and their application to today’s policies.

Each fellowship is designed for a different audience, but all are equal in their intense curriculum of daily seminars and relaxed evening symposia examining the historical arc leading from the American Founding to the progressivism of today.

Publius Fellowship:
The 2020 Publius Fellowship: Saturday, June 20th - Saturday, July 11th.
A three-week “boot camp” in American political thought for recent college graduates, graduate students, and individuals beginning their careers in scholarship, journalism, or government.

Lincoln Fellowship:
The 2020 Lincoln Fellowship: Thursday, August 6th - Saturday, August 15th.
A one-week program for public policy professionals, senior journalists, and media veterans who are exercising influence in key positions in national politics.

John Marshall Fellowship:
The 2020 John Marshall Fellowship: Saturday, August 15th - Sunday, August 23rd.
A one-week program teaching the natural law jurisprudence of the American Founding to the next generation of legal thinkers and practitioners.

Speechwriters Fellowship:
A weekly, evening program for speechwriters combining an education in the principles of the American Founding with a study of modern political speech craft.

2020 Fellowships Schedule

Publius Fellowship June 20 – July 11, 2020 Claremont, CA Applications due by Feb.15, 2020
Lincoln Fellowship August 6 – August 15, 2020 Newport Beach, CA Applications due by Mar.1, 2020
John Marshall Fellowship August 15 –  August 23, 2020 Newport Beach, CA Applications due by Mar.15, 2020
Speechwriters Fellowship TBA Washington, DC  TBD