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Lincoln Fellowship

Lincoln Fellowship

August 10 - 18, 2018 in Newport Beach, CA
All incoming Lincoln Fellows will be awarded: a $700 travel stipend and lodging for the entire duration of the Fellowship. Most meals will also be provided. 

Required Information
- Personal information
- Resume
- Personal statement
- A brief writing sample
- 2-3 recommendations (may be mailed separately)
- Official transcripts sent directly from your educational institution(s).

Applications due by March 9, 2018.

As its name implies, the Lincoln Fellowship Program places special emphasis on the statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, no less than the American Founders, believed that free government is possible only if it recognizes and protects the equal natural rights of all human beings. Fellows discuss how the statesmanship and political thought of the Founders and Lincoln should guide policymakers today.

During their stay, Lincoln fellows meet with the Claremont Institute's Senior Fellows and other distinguished visiting scholars to study American politics and political thought. In intensive daily seminars and relaxed evening symposia, fellows discuss a wide selection of great American readings. Topics of study and discussion include the Founding, the Civil War, the Progressive Era, the Great Society, and the enduring modern disputes between liberalism and conservatism. Fellows will also meet editors and writers of our flagship publication, the Claremont Review of Books.

After their participation, Fellows will be invited to attend Institute events and seminars in and around the nation's capital, at which they will be honored.

Lincoln Fellowships are offered to patriotic young professionals including, but not limited to, employees of the United States government and state governments, public policy research institutions, and print and broadcast media. The Claremont Institute extends warm gratitude to the Bowen Educational Trust for its generous sponsorship of the Lincoln Fellowship program. William H. Bowen was an American entrepreneur and patriot, and his educational foundation has long been a generous patron of the Claremont Institute. 


"The insight of conservatism is the lasting power of America's founding principles. The Claremont Institute articulates these principles with brilliant clarity, and challenges each and every Lincoln Fellow to live up to them. There is no better training ground for a lifelong campaign in the trenches of political warfare."

— Brian Lee, 2007 Lincoln Fellow

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