Claremont Events

AUG 31

Claremont Institute Announces Panels at 2011 APSA Meeting

*For over twenty years the Claremont Institute has sponsored panels at the American Political Science
  Association's Annual Meeting. Addressing politics, history, & political philosophy, our panels bring together
  some of America's leading intellectuals. For a text version of the schedule, see below. For an easy-to-print PDF
  version, click here.*

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Claremont Institute Panels:
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  *All Panels are in the Leonessa III Room of the Grand Hyatt Seattle*

The 112th Congress (Roundtable) — Thursday, Sept. 1, 8:00a
     Chair: Kathleen Arnn, Claremont Graduate University
     Participants: Kevin Portteus, Hillsdale College
                        William Voegeli, Claremont Institute
                        Joseph Postell, University of Colorado
                        Michael M. Uhlmann, Claremont Graduate University


Jaffa's Thomism and Aristotelianism Reconsidered (Roundtable) — Thursday, Sept. 1, 10:15a
     Chair: Christopher James Wolfe, Claremont Graduate University
     Participants: Douglas Kries, Gonzaga University
                        Paul O. Carrese, US Air Force Academy
                        John Grant, Hillsdale College
                        Richard J. Dougherty, University of Dallas


The Return to Founding Principles: Should Natural Rights be Part 
of the Conservative Resurgence? (Roundtable) — THURSDAY, Sept. 1, 2:00p
     Chair: Ronald J. Pestritto, Jr., Hillsdale College 
     Participants: Matthew Spalding, Heritage Foundation
                        Peter Augustine Lawler, Berry College
                        James W. Ceaser, University of Virginia
                        Hadley Arkes, Amherst College
                        Patrick J. Deneen, Georgetown University


Xenophon, the Philosopher, and the Theological-Political Problem — Thursday, Sept. 1, 4:15p
     Chair: James H. Nichols, Claremont McKenna College
     Discussants: Khalil Habib, Salve Regina University
                        Robert C. Bartlett, Boston College
     Participants: David Davies, University of Dallas
                           "The Dialectical Theology of ‘Memorabilia 4.6,' or, Xenophon's Socratic ‘kalam'"
                        Timothy W. Caspar, Hillsdale College
                           "Xenophon and Cicero on the Best Regime"
                        Eric Buzzetti, Concordia University
                           "Why Does a Philosopher Masquerade as a Soldier? The Case of Xenophon"


Leo Strauss and Carl Schmitt — Friday, Sept. 2, 8:00a
     Chair: William Morrisey, Hillsdale College
     Discussants: Murray Bessette, Morehead State University
     Participants: Catherine H. Zuckert, University of Notre Dame
                           "Strauss vs. Schmitt on the Political"
                        Michael P. Zuckert, University of Notre Dame
                           "Recent Attempts to Link Strauss and Schmitt: Misreadings and Misalliances"
                        Jon Fennell, Hillsdale College
                           "Carl Schmitt and Strauss's ‘German Nihilism'"


The Recent Term of the U.S. Supreme Court (Roundtable) — Friday, Sept. 2, 10:15a
     Chair: Melanie Marlowe, Miami University
     Participants: Anthony A. Peacock, Utah State University
                        Robert Alt, Heritage Foundation
                        Eric Claeys, George Mason University School of Law
                        Sanford Levinson, University of Texas at Austin


The Resurgence of State Sovereignty: The Right Move for Conservatism? (Roundtable) — Friday, Sept. 2, 2:00p
     Chair: Ralph A. Rossum, Claremont McKenna College
     Participants: William Voegeli, Claremont Institute 
                        Richard M. Gamble, Hillsdale College
                        Michael P. Federici, Mercyhurst College
                        Matthew Spalding, Heritage Foundation


The 150th Anniversary of Fort Sumter: Lessons for Presidential Power Today — Friday, Sept. 2, 4:15p
     Chair: David K. Nichols, Baylor University
     Participants: John Yoo, University of California, Berkeley
                           "Rehabilitating Lincoln" 
                        Michael A. Genovese, Loyola Marymount University
                           "The Constitutional Logic of Fort Sumter"
                        John Marini, University of Nevada, Reno
                           "Presidential Power and the Limits of Executive Prerogative"
                        Thomas Karako, Kenyon College
                           "The Curious Case of Jose Arguelles"
                        Jason Jividen, Saint Vincent College
                           "A Popular Demand and a Public Necessity: Prerogative, the Plebiscitary Presidency, and the 
                            Lincoln Example"


The Philosophical Foundations of Liberalism — Saturday, Sept. 3, 8:00a
     Chair: Robert K. Faulkner, Boston College
     Discussants: Peter Myers, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
                        Peter Josephson, St. Anselm College
                        Susan Shell, Boston College
     Participants: Nasser Behnegar, Boston College
                           "Locke's State of Nature"
                        Peter McNamara, Utah State University
                           "Locke, Smith, and the Problem of Human Nature"
                        Christopher Nadon, Claremont McKenna College
                           "Paolo Sarpi on Constitutionalizing Religion"


Prospects for the 2012 Presidential Election (Roundtable) — Saturday, Sept. 3, 10:15a
     Chair: Luigi Bradizza, Salve Regina University
     Participants: Charles R. Kesler, Claremont McKenna College
                        Bradley C.S. Watson, Saint Vincent College
                        John J. Pitney, Jr., Claremont McKenna College
                        Brian T. Kennedy, Claremont Institute


Does a Return to the Constitution Mean a Return to Libertarianism? (Roundtable) — Saturday, Sept. 3, 2:00p
     Chair: Ryan P. Williams, Claremont Graduate University
     Participants: Michael S. Greve, American Enterprise Institute 
                        Michael M. Uhlmann, Claremont Graduate University
                        Eric Claeys, George Mason University School of Law
                        Nikolai G. Wenzel, Hillsdale College


The Reagan Legacy for Today's Politics on the 100th Anniversary of his Birth — Saturday, Sept. 3, 4:15p
     Chair: John B. Kienker, Claremont Review of Books
     Discussants: Charles R. Kesler, Claremont McKenna College 
                       Kiron Kanina Skinner, Carnegie Mellon University
     Participants: Andrew E. Busch, Claremont McKenna College
                         "Lessons from Reagan?"
                       Stephen F. Knott, US Naval War College
                         "Was Reagan a Great President?"