Claremont Events

AUG 31

2017 APSA Annual Meeting Schedule

For over twenty years the Claremont Institute has sponsored panels at the American Political Science Association's Annual Meeting. Addressing politics, history, & political philosophy, our panels bring together some of America's leading intellectuals. For a text version of the schedule, see below. For an easy-to-print PDF version, click here.

The Statesmanship of Lincoln and the Founders — Thursday, August 31, 8:00 am 
Room: California East
Chair: Brandon Dabling, Brigham Young University
Panel: Kevin Vance, University of Notre Dame
            “Abraham Lincoln and the Mantle of Henry Clay”
           Scott E. Yenor, Boise State University
           “Evaluating Lincoln’s Statesmanship in Light of Reconstruction”
           Bruno S. Cortes, Hillsdale College
           “Publius on Empire and Consent”
           Andrew D. Carico, William Jessup University
           “Defending the Citadel”
Disc.: Peter C. Myers, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
           Elizabeth Eastman

Roundtable: The Future of the Judiciary — Thursday, August 31, 10:00 am
Room: California West
Chair: John C. Eastman, Chapman University
Panel: Bradley C.S. Watson, St. Vincent College
           John Yoo, University of California at Berkeley
           John C. Eastman, Chapman University

On Thomas West’s “The Political Theory of the American Founding” — Thursday, August 31, 2:00 pm
Room: Colonial
Chair: Ryan P. Williams, The Claremont Institute
Panel: Larry Arnhart, Northern Illinois University
           Thomas G. West, Hillsdale College
           Mark Blitz, Claremont McKenna College

Roundtable: The First Eight Months of Unified Republican Government — Thursday, August 31, 4:00 pm,
Room: California West
Chair: Matthew Spalding, Hillsdale College
Panel: John J. Pitney, Claremont McKenna College
           William Voegeli, The Claremont Institute
           Matthew Spalding, Hillsdale College
           Mark Hemingway, The Weekly Standard

On the Compatibility of Natural Law and Natural Rights — Friday, September 01, 8:00 am
Room: Georgian
Chair: Peter R.W. Cross, Hillsdale College
Panel: Lee Ward, Baylor University
           “Do We Need a Natural Law Theory of the State?”
           Douglas Kries, Gonzaga University
           “Living the Natural Law in an Age of Natural Rights”
           Adam Seagrave, University of Missouri, Columbia
           “Nature, Society and Politics in Early American History”
           Justin B. Dyer, University of Missouri, Columbia
           “Natural Justice and American Political Thought”

Roundtable: The Work of Peter Lawler — Friday, September 01, 10:00 am
Room: Colonial
Chair: Jocelyn Evans, University of West Florida
Panel: Daniel J. Mahoney, Assumption College
           Ralph C. Hancock, Brigham Young University
           Marc Dante Guerra, Assumption College
           Richard Reinsch, Liberty Fund

Roundtable: Regulatory Reform and the Administrative State — Friday, September 01, 12:00 pm
Room: Georgian
Chair: Ronald J. Pestritto, Hillsdale College
Panel: Joseph Postell, Univ. of Colorado at Colorado Springs
           Adam White, Hoover Institution
           Ronald J. Pestritto, Hillsdale College
           Donald Brand, College of the Holy Cross

Conservative Publications Post-2016: A Realignment? — Friday, September 01, 2:00 pm
Room: Georgian
Chair: John B. Kienker, Claremont Review of Books
Panel: Gladden J. Pappin, University of Dallas
           Christopher Buskirk, Center for American Greatness
           Mark Hemingway, The Weekly Standard
           Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon

Roundtable: Checks on Executive Power in the Age of Obama and Trump — Friday, September 01, 4:00 pm
Room: Colonial
Chair: Clifford Humphrey, Hillsdale College
Panel: Steven Hayward, University of California at Berkeley
           Alex Hindman, College of the Holy Cross
           Adam M. Carrington, Hillsdale College
           John Yoo, University of California at Berkeley

Roundtable: The Electoral College: Time to Re-Evaluate? — Saturday, September 02, 8:00 am
Room: Colonial
Chair: Thomas Tacoma, Hillsdale College
Panel: Michael M. Uhlmann, The Claremont Institute
           David B. Frisk, Alexander Hamilton Institute
           Adam M. Carrington, Hillsdale College

Roundtable: The Future of Conservatism — Saturday, September 02, 10:00 am
Room: Colonial
Chair: Ryan P. Williams, The Claremont Institute
Panel: Michael Anton, National Security Council
           John Marini, University of Nevada, Reno
           Thomas G. West, Hillsdale College

Modernity and Empire — Saturday, September 02, 12:00 pm
Room: California East
Chair: David Clinton, Baylor University
Panel: Colin M. Brown, Hillsdale College
           “Benjamin Franklin on the Promise and Peril of Imperial Politics”
           Nathan Orlando, Baylor University
           “Prudence and the Absurd in the Last Days of Empire: Aron and Camus on
          the Algerian Question”
           Giorgi Areshidze, Claremont McKenna College
           “How the West Thinks about Radical Islam: American Empire, the End of History,
          and Islamist Fundamentalism”
           Hugh Liebert, United States Military Academy
           “Edward Gibbon on Rome, Europe, and the
           Evitability of Decline”
Disc.: David Clinton, Baylor University
           Giorgi Areshidze, Claremont McKenna College