Reviews of Books

The Two Billion Dollar Judge

Courts have not demonstrated the ability to produce the equal educational opportunity that they champion.

Econs and Humans

The economy, and economics, are in crisis, and the Obama administration has no idea how to fix it.

Thinking Like A Terrorist

Seeing Islamist jihad for what it is - an expression of pseudo religion and false reality.

The Ways and Means of War

Why do men fight the way they do?

Notes on the State of Jefferson

The impact and limits of philosophical thinking in the political world.

The Education Mill

The ways of the academy are not invulnerable to technological changes forced on everyone else.

Highborn Fools

Reviewing the memoirs of Duc de Saint-Simon, courtier at Louis XIV's Versailles.

Dead End

Reviewing a memoir on mortality.

The Iron Lady

An overdue reassessment of a remarkable statesman who still has much to teach us.

Light and Liberty

Jefferson's real greatness came not from the power that men gave to him but the power he had given to men.

Riddle of the Sands

None of Bush's alleged treacheries more riles leftists than that, on the international stage, he was one of them.

Hail to the Chief

A review of Thomas Jefferson and Executive Power, by Jeremy D. Bailey