Reviews of Books

Not Originally Intended

A review of Creating the Administrative Constitution: The Lost One Hundred Years of American Administrative Law (Yale Law Library Series in Legal History and Reference), by Jerry L. Mashaw

Moderation in the Defense of Liberty

A review of Constitutional Conservatism: Liberty, Self-Government, and Political Moderation (Hoover Institution Press Publication), by Peter Berkowitz

When Nudge Comes to Shove

A review of Simpler: The Future of Government, by Cass Sunstein

Up From Obamacare

A review of The Pipes Plan: The Top Ten Ways to Dismantle Obamacare, by Sally C. Pipes and Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis (Independent Studies in Political Economy), by John C. Goodman

When a Man Loves a Woman

A review of What Is Marriage?: Man and Woman: A Defense, by Robert George, Ryan Anderson, and Sherif Girgis

Arab Winter

A review of Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy, by Andrew C. McCarthy and Sharia versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism by Andrew G. Bostom

To Rule the World

A review of In the Shadow of the Sword: The Birth of Islam and the Rise of the Global Arab Empire, by Tom Holland

The Great Emancipation

A review of Freedom National: The Destruction of Slavery in the United States, 1861-1865, by James Oakes

Errand in the Wilderness

A review of The Barbarous Years: The Peopling of British North America—The Conflict of Civilizations, 1600-1675 (Vintage), by Bernard Bailyn

Green History

A review of Republic of Nature (Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books), by Mark Fiege

Exceptionalism and its Discontents

A review of In Search of Monsters to Destroy? American Foreign Policy, Revolution, and Regime Change, 1776-1900, by Patrick J. Garrity

Taking Globalism Seriously Or Not

A review of Governing the World: The History of an Idea, by Mark Mazower

On the Firing Line

A review of The Generals: American Military Command from World War II to Today, by Thomas E. Ricks

For God and Country

A review of Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith: Religion in American War and Diplomacy, by Andrew Preston

Test of Faith

A review of The First Thousand Years: A Global History of Christianity, by Robert Louis Wilken

Poet of the Playing Field

A review of American Pastimes: The Very Best of Red Smith (The Library of America), by Daniel Okrent

Homeland Insecurity

A review of The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture: Liberty vs. Authority in American Film and TV, Paul A. Cantor