Reviews of Books

Small Wars, Big Deal

 In the future, the United States likely will undertake smaller-scale military operations, in conjunction with intelligence-gathering units, law enforcement agencies,

The Making of LBJ

 Although the Vietnam mess is behind us, much of the Johnson legacy in domestic policy, especially the unprincipled civil rights legacy of affirmative action, is stil

An Ambivalent Tocqueville

Wolin attempts to arrive at a coherent, comprehensive understanding of Tocqueville's political theory by analyzing and evaluating his political life and writings as a whole.

Two Steps Ahead, One Step Back

Let us hope that liberal economists learn as much in the next 20 years as Stiglitz's book suggests that they have learned in the last 20.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Jessica Gavora's Tilting the Playing Field aims to deconstruct th

Ya-Ya Motherhood

Ultimately, the real paradox of "natural motherhood" is the paradox of feminism itself.

The Political Responsibility of Intellectuals

What is the political responsibility of serious intellectuals?

Sins of the Fathers

Does Dostoevsky offer a viable alternative to the modern trends he deplores?

The Home Front: Left, Right, and (Elusive) Center

In an America that is asking serious questions with an urgency not felt in years, conventional liberalism has nothing serious to say.

John Rawls, Historian

The interaction between Rawls the interpreter of past philosophy and Rawls the theorist of justice is what makes Lectures 

Profiles in Banality

The greatest fault of 'Profiles in Courage for Our Time' is that no one associated with the project understands what courage is- and what it isn't.

Hail to the Chief

A review of John Marshall and the Heroic Age of the SupAlong with his other dazzling accomplishments, three court cases teach us that John Marshall was one of the greatest men ever to spring from our soil.eme Court , by R. Kent Newmyer

Books in Brief

I'll Be Short: Essentials for a Decent Working Society by Robert B. Reich. Former Labo ...