Reviews of Books

Al Smith and the Liberalism That Might Have Been

Alfred E. Smith has been called the most underappreciated political figure in 20th century America.

The Internet poses a danger not so much to the deliberative republic as to liberalism.

Balancing Act: How We Won the Cold War

How the United States won the Cold War

A Noble Judicial Coup?

An analysis of the impact of Brown v. Board of Education

Reds in the White House

Americans have hardly faced up to the amazing extent of Soviet penetration into all areas of our national life, especially their infiltration of the highest levels of U.S. government.

Right, Law, and Justice at the End of History

A review of Alexandre Kojeve's most political booketween potential Master and potential Slave. 

Unworthy Lives and Unalienable Rights

The decline of the Hippocratic Oath and the rise of biomedical ethics

Pride and Political Philosophy

Mansfield and McWilliams are two of the most distinguished practitioners of the ancient and honorable trade of political philosophy.

Pragmatism's Four Horsemen

The core of pragmatism, according to Menand, is an idea about ideas: that they should never harden into ideologies

Nazi Thinker

Ancient political philosophy is as significant an alternative to Heidegger as he is to it.