Reviews of Books

With the Old Breed

Senator Tom Cotton weaves his own personal history into this loving description of The Old Guard.

All the News That's Fit to Slant

Jill Abramson is the perfect representative of an industry in terminal decline.

Who Tells Our Story?

Where are the historians ready to restore America's vision?

Full Court Press LOCK-ICON

As the justices sharpen their quills, they could do worse than to have an open copy of Peter Wallison’s book at hand.

Ancients, Moderns, Americans LOCK-ICON

Harry Jaffa stands as a champion of the primacy of reason and nature against the primacy of will and power.

Sensibility as Soulcraft

An impressive achievement, George Will's latest book deserves to take its place among the classics of conservatism.

Are the Kids Al(t)right?

In the spiritual war for the disaffected youth on the right, conservatism is losing. BAPism is winning.

How the West Was Won LOCK-ICON

Ben Shapiro’s new book lays out a succinct defense of Western civilization.

History in the Present Tense LOCK-ICON

If nothing else, Joseph Ellis proves that you can’t write history in the present tense.

A Fistful of Dollars LOCK-ICON

The commercial republic is a positive good rather than a necessary compromise.

Self-Interest Plus LOCK-ICON

It’s one thing to say that Adam Smith is not Milton Friedman but quite another to say that he is not Adam Smith.

Destiny and DNA LOCK-ICON

There are more things in the laws of heredity than were dreamt of in Mendel’s philosophy.

Socrates' Failures LOCK-ICON

How has the Republic managed to inspire tyrannical hubris as well as reflective openness?

Death of the Republic LOCK-ICON

The fall of Rome, as much as its rise, continues to rivet us.