Reviews of Books

A Kinder, Gentler Gulag

Bhaskar Sunkara’s new promise of socialist life is indistinguishable from the old promise of socialist life.

The Last Man and the Clash of Identities

Francis Fukuyama's half-hearted attempt to reground the nation in Rawlsian platitudes is unpersuasive.

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Michael Anton gives eloquent expression to a philosophically grounded constitutional nationalism.

True Believers

Two years after Obama left the White House, the cockiness of his followers remains intact.

Making Immigration Great Again

A son of Bangladeshi immigrants offers one of the best diagnoses of immigration policy in the last decade.

The Koran and Jihad

Jihad remains a threat to Western civilization, although the extent is unclear.

The Most Dangerous Man in the World

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was one of the pivotal geniuses of the 20th century.

Man of the Century

Andrew Roberts has written the best biography of Winston Churchill in almost 30 years.

Vindicating the Constitution

The Constitution recognized those held in servitude as persons, not property.

The Big Three

If Clay, Calhoun, and Webster were the founders’ heirs, what did they inherit?

Storm of Insurrection

Frederick Douglass is a man of stark binaries and apparent paradoxes.

Heart of Darkness

Paul Kenyon's latest book is entertaining, informative, and superficial.

A Bold Speculator

Albert Gallatin proved a bold speculator his whole life long.

Keynes's Last Stand

Keynesianism is still unworkable and incoherent.

A Financial Fairy Tale

Adam Tooze has called our attention to an important episode in world financial history, but he has not explained it.

Up, Up, and Away

The American story of raising up the poor, our ancestors, and our fellow humans, is not close to finished.

Through a Glass, Darkly

The success of Hobbes's radical project seems more impressive than ever.