Reviews of Books

Draining the Swamp LOCK-ICON

No one has done more than John Marini to explain the administrative state.

Austin City Limits

What to make of Texas? 

Defending the Nation LOCK-ICON

Why we need nationalism, now more than ever.

Tribes ‘R’ Us LOCK-ICON

Global citizenship’s promises aren't appealing to the masses. 

The Last New Dealer LOCK-ICON

Hubert Humphrey played a critical role in the rise and decline of 20th-century liberalism.

Consistently Original LOCK-ICON

Antonin Scalia's lasting effect on jurisprudence.

Are Corporations People Too? LOCK-ICON

To what extent the government may limit corporate political speech?


Intelligence is entrenched in all we call history.

Ruined by His Own Glory LOCK-ICON

The twists and turns of Alcibiades' life. 

Hero Traitor LOCK-ICON

In the end, readers must find Benedict Arnold guilty as charged.

Best of Enemies

Gordon Wood's method presumes that there is not a robust or transhistorical human nature.

The Last of the Founders

John Marshall is the least appreciated Founding Father.

Securing the Constitution and Union LOCK-ICON

Without Marshall, the judiciary would have been a withered branch.

The Insider’s Guide to the Hebrew Bible

The first Orthodox Jewish presentation of the Pentateuch likely to interest a broad audience.

Ye Shall Be as Gods LOCK-ICON

Modern Christianity has failed to distinguish itself fully from humanism.

Soul, Man

The soul is the most paradoxical thing in the world.

Seven Shades of Gray LOCK-ICON

Gray’s book arrives like an uninvited guest to a premature celebration of God's death. 

Morality and Happiness LOCK-ICON

What today’s neuro and evolutionary scientists teach us about morality.