Reviews of Books

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

How to impeach a president.

Why Trump Won LOCK-ICON

We're still wondering why.

Black Lives Matter

Is our foster care system racist?

Campus Hysteria LOCK-ICON

How diversity has corrupted our campuses.

Gender Offenders LOCK-ICON

The tyranny of Title IX.

Souls without Longing LOCK-ICON

Education is more than vocational training.

Apocalypse Now LOCK-ICON

It's the end of the world as we know it.

The Case for Barbarism

Ordinary life improves when empire falls.

Thinking Bigly

Donald Trump and political philosophy.

Machiavelli the Moderate LOCK-ICON

Catherine Zuckert's Machiavelli.

Foxes and Hedgehogs

Our modern sensibility should correspond to the ancient virtues of prudence and statecraft.

Constant as the Northern Star LOCK-ICON

Caesar's world, come to life.

Lust for Destruction

Lenin is one of history’s greatest political mass murderers.

Blood-Soaked Monster

What turned Joseph Djugashvili into one of the most murderous dictators of all time? 

The Great Resenter

Another hagiography of Woodrow Wilson, the patron saint of American internationalists.

The Golden Legend of the Democratic Party LOCK-ICON

Progress through presidential leadership.

Can Aristotle Make America Great Again?

Restoring the political philosophy of republicanism to a place of honor.

Sources of the Reagan Doctrine LOCK-ICON

What was the President reading?

Liking Ike LOCK-ICON

Why has it taken so long for historians to get Ike right?

A Certain Idea of France

The life and times of Charles de Gaulle.

The Specter of Islamophobia LOCK-ICON

How will Europe absorb Islam?