Reviews of Books

Big Tent Originalism

Originalism is the most meaningful approach to constitutional interpretation.

A Living Constitution

An interpretive history of the Constitution through ten lives.

The Difference Congress Makes

Is Congress making good use of its constitutional powers?

Inconspicuous Consumption

The new elite’s superiority isn't even skin deep.


The economic consequences of unstoppable entitlement spending are alarming.

Blame the Fathers

Liberalism hasn’t failed; it is being destroyed.

Bullwhip Feudalism

The kings of the Confederacy.

Twin Peaks

Lincoln and Churchill: brothers in arms.

Home on the Range

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s American story.

Beyond the Culture of Repudiation

Roger Scruton: modern conservative.

Howl at the Moon

The Left needs to rethink its foreign policy.

The Jewish Army that Wasn’t LOCK-ICON

The best laid plans.

Why not a Palestinian Singapore? LOCK-ICON

Because Palestinians refuse to ask.

Israelis versus Jews LOCK-ICON

A history of Israel told as a battle between rival factions over control of its people's guiding principles.

Out of Egypt LOCK-ICON

Our debt against Moses. 

Endarkenment Later

In a world without final causes, reason cannot aim at truth.

Best Practices

Americans no longer seek a life that reflects the fullness of human experience.

Profit and Honor LOCK-ICON

Giorgio Vasari is a forgotten luminary of the Renaissance.

Brilliance without Egotism LOCK-ICON

Isaacson’s book emphasizes Leonardo’s scientific and technological endeavours.

Singing a New Song

Emily Wilson’s translation of The Odyssey is vibrant and contemporary. 

Power and Rhythm LOCK-ICON

A new translation of Virgil's epic.