Reviews of Books

Big Tent Originalism LOCK-ICON

Originalism is the most meaningful approach to constitutional interpretation.

A Living Constitution LOCK-ICON

An interpretive history of the Constitution through ten lives.

The Difference Congress Makes LOCK-ICON

Is Congress making good use of its constitutional powers?

Inconspicuous Consumption LOCK-ICON

The new elite’s superiority isn't even skin deep.


The economic consequences of unstoppable entitlement spending are alarming.

Blame the Fathers LOCK-ICON

Liberalism hasn’t failed; it is being destroyed.

Bullwhip Feudalism LOCK-ICON

The kings of the Confederacy.

Twin Peaks

Lincoln and Churchill: brothers in arms.

Home on the Range LOCK-ICON

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s American story.

Beyond the Culture of Repudiation LOCK-ICON

Roger Scruton: modern conservative.

Howl at the Moon

The Left needs to rethink its foreign policy.

The Jewish Army that Wasn’t LOCK-ICON

The best laid plans.

Why not a Palestinian Singapore? LOCK-ICON

Because Palestinians refuse to ask.

Israelis versus Jews LOCK-ICON

A history of Israel told as a battle between rival factions over control of its people's guiding principles.

Out of Egypt LOCK-ICON

Our debt against Moses. 

Endarkenment Later LOCK-ICON

In a world without final causes, reason cannot aim at truth.

Best Practices

Americans no longer seek a life that reflects the fullness of human experience.

Profit and Honor LOCK-ICON

Giorgio Vasari is a forgotten luminary of the Renaissance.

Brilliance without Egotism LOCK-ICON

Isaacson’s book emphasizes Leonardo’s scientific and technological endeavours.

Singing a New Song LOCK-ICON

Emily Wilson’s translation of The Odyssey is vibrant and contemporary. 

Power and Rhythm LOCK-ICON

A new translation of Virgil's epic.