Reviews of Books

Cupid, Interrupted

The sexual revolution is showing its age.

The Free Speech Debate

Speaking up for free speech.

Condoleezza Rice Goes to the Seashore

A tragic history of democratic movements, with the sad parts left out. 

Trumping Reagan LOCK-ICON

What is the meaning of Trump and conservatism?

Hundred Years' War LOCK-ICON

Progressivism's new enemy. 

Putting the Big in Big Government

Can the administrative state be re-constitutionalized? 

How the Ruling Class Rules

 There is no hidden or forgotten administrative constitution in American history.

Frontier Justice LOCK-ICON

Andrew Jackson's premodern understanding of justice. 

In a Gilded Cage LOCK-ICON

The manufactured misery of Richard White's Gilded Age.


William McKinley played a pivotal role in American history.

We Could Use a Man Like... LOCK-ICON

The rehabilitation of Herbert Hoover.

Stimulating Debate LOCK-ICON

The enduring problem is the debate between mixed and free economies.

A New York State of Mind LOCK-ICON

Mario Cuomo’s failures and liberalism’s dilemmas.

A New Classic

A new look at the Second World War.

The Root of the Matter LOCK-ICON

Churchill and Roosevelt's tumultuous relationship. 

Divine Harmonies LOCK-ICON

Not everything in life works out as we wish.

The God Killer LOCK-ICON

Strauss's lectures on Nietzsche have been published for the first time.