Reviews of Books

Cupid, Interrupted

The sexual revolution is showing its age.

The Free Speech Debate

Speaking up for free speech.

Condoleezza Rice Goes to the Seashore

A tragic history of democratic movements, with the sad parts left out. 

Trumping Reagan

What is the meaning of Trump and conservatism?

Hundred Years' War

Progressivism's new enemy. 

Putting the Big in Big Government

Can the administrative state be re-constitutionalized? 

How the Ruling Class Rules

 There is no hidden or forgotten administrative constitution in American history.

Frontier Justice

Andrew Jackson's premodern understanding of justice. 

In a Gilded Cage

The manufactured misery of Richard White's Gilded Age.

The Major

William McKinley played a pivotal role in American history.

We Could Use a Man Like...

The rehabilitation of Herbert Hoover.

Stimulating Debate

The enduring problem is the debate between mixed and free economies.

A New York State of Mind

Mario Cuomo’s failures and liberalism’s dilemmas.

A New Classic

A new look at the Second World War.

The Root of the Matter

Churchill and Roosevelt's tumultuous relationship. 

Divine Harmonies

Not everything in life works out as we wish.

The God Killer

Strauss's lectures on Nietzsche have been published for the first time.