Reviews of Books

The Dream and the Nightmare

Europe is drifting towards Eurabia.

How Democracies Perish

A visit from the ghost of liberal-democratic future.

Blue-Collar Blues

How progressives see the white working class. 

How to Talk Like a Politician

American political rhetoric's decline. 

The Founders in Full

Duties and rights, properly understood, are not at odds.

Losing Focus

The Union gave timeless purpose to the Constitution it created.

The Return of the States

State sovereignty was at the very core of Revolutionary thinking.

We'll Always Have Paris

Jefferson and Hemings: a romance custom made for our times?

A Government of Laws, Not of Men

John Adams feared aristocracy, but recognized it was essential for the good of the nation.

Remember the Ladies

Abigail Adams and her world.

He Didn't Like Ike

William F. Buckley, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. 

The Striver

In many ways, Nixon was decisive in Trump's victory.

One Long Circular Argument

Materialism is a whole battery of blatant fallacies.

I Don't Feel Your Pain

Our empathy is too narrow and too idiosyncratic to provide a moral compass.

The Wages of Sin

Some crimes deserve death.

Revolution of the Saints

Protestantism caused unintended consequences that led to its own decline. 

The Greater Helmsman

Christianity is too widely diffused throughout China for crude oppression to succeed.

Must We Fight?

China’s challenge to American strategic dominance sets us on a path to war. 

Divide and Fail

The situation in the Middle East is a greater indictment of American foreign policy than Vietnam.

Masters of Disasters

When seconds count, the government is always minutes away.