Reviews of Books

The Dream and the Nightmare

Europe is drifting towards Eurabia.

How Democracies Perish LOCK-ICON

A visit from the ghost of liberal-democratic future.

Blue-Collar Blues LOCK-ICON

How progressives see the white working class. 

How to Talk Like a Politician

American political rhetoric's decline. 

The Founders in Full

Duties and rights, properly understood, are not at odds.

Losing Focus LOCK-ICON

The Union gave timeless purpose to the Constitution it created.

The Return of the States LOCK-ICON

State sovereignty was at the very core of Revolutionary thinking.

We'll Always Have Paris

Jefferson and Hemings: a romance custom made for our times?

A Government of Laws, Not of Men

John Adams feared aristocracy, but recognized it was essential for the good of the nation.

Remember the Ladies LOCK-ICON

Abigail Adams and her world.

He Didn't Like Ike LOCK-ICON

William F. Buckley, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. 

The Striver LOCK-ICON

In many ways, Nixon was decisive in Trump's victory.

One Long Circular Argument

Materialism is a whole battery of blatant fallacies.

I Don't Feel Your Pain LOCK-ICON

Our empathy is too narrow and too idiosyncratic to provide a moral compass.

The Wages of Sin LOCK-ICON

Some crimes deserve death.

Revolution of the Saints LOCK-ICON

Protestantism caused unintended consequences that led to its own decline. 

The Greater Helmsman LOCK-ICON

Christianity is too widely diffused throughout China for crude oppression to succeed.

Must We Fight?

China’s challenge to American strategic dominance sets us on a path to war. 

Divide and Fail

The situation in the Middle East is a greater indictment of American foreign policy than Vietnam.

Masters of Disasters LOCK-ICON

When seconds count, the government is always minutes away.