Reviews of Books

More Justice, Less Crime

Serious decarceration will not be achieved without reducing punishment for violent crime.

The Left's Dirty Little Secret

The progressive history of eugenics.

War Without End

Does the U.S. need a grand strategy?


Modern conservatives live like Tocquevillians, but speak like Randians.

Power to the People

Today's primary source of voter movement is the response to stagnant or deteriorating economic conditions.

Why We Won't Agree

Breaking down party politics. 

Mission Impossible

The failures of French politics.

Lawless Rules

Unpacking the administrative state’s nearly limitless discretion.

Civility and Its Limits

We're all on the same team.

Rage of the Snowflakes

Our higher education system is in crisis.

Dare to be Wise?

Sophistry is the key to understanding and reclaiming philosophy.

Extraordinary Actuality

Ernest Hemingway's life and letters.

The Living City

Jane Jacobs’s pervasive influence.