Reviews of Books

Constitutionalism for Realists

Is democracy too important to be left to the people?

Mobility and Nobility

Reflections on America's underclass.

Sending Jobs Overseas

Globalization’s benefits are hard to explain and its damage hard to diagnose.

Friends and Enemies

Harry Jaffa, Walter Berns, and the arguments that redefined American conservatism.

Keys to Immortality

America’s epic origins brought to life.

A Good Ethics Professor Is Hard to Find

Living the good life. 

Men in Black

What was fascism all about?

White Mischief

A portrait of the author as a young man.

Rhetorical Questions

Shared metaphors can lead to shared community.

Heaney in Hades

Seamus Heaney's translation of Virgil's masterpiece is an elegy to a lost tradition in education.  

Rereading the Enlightenment

The American enlightenment was the emergence of a new thought, one with a profoundly unsettling legacy.

Doesn’t Add Up

New algorithms for old problems.

Neither American, Nor Civil, Nor a Religion

The United States is a nation with the soul of a church.

The Tipping Point

Douglas MacArthur versus the ruling class. 

Faithful and Honorable

William Tecumseh Sherman made Georgia howl.

The Great Enrichment

Wealth cannot be reduced to material causes, but is the result of new ideas.

When the Sun Never Set

Britain and the birth of the modern world. 

Zero Shades of Gray

Sandefur’s cure entails a yet worse ill: a free society that needs judges to save it from itself.

Teach Your Children Well

The parent-child relationship is unique and non-transferable.