Reviews of Books

French Resistance

Terrorism is the specter haunting Europe.

Lessons of Algeria

France's new normal. 

The Return of the Caliph

Arab nationalism is a relic of a rapidly vanishing world. 

Song of Myself

We're still feeling the aftershocks of the existentialist earthquake  

The True Miracle

Understanding Leo Strauss as he understood himself. 

Making Christianity Safe for Democracy

The tendency to subordinate religion to democracy may not prove irresistible.

One Nation, Under God?

Religion is morphing into a gauzy spirituality.

Here the People Rule

Understanding the moral and intellectual foundations of democracy. 

The Face of Tyranny

Is democracy is bound to defeat tyranny because it’s simply a better idea?

Asia Whole and Free?

Asia still lags behind the breathless commentary about it. 

Losing Ground

The tragedy of Indian country. 

The Difference Reagan Made

Reagan changed history, rather than simply waiting for circumstances to change him.

What Hath Greenspan Wrought

Alan Greenspan demystified. 

Good as Gold

Who will rebuild our infrastructure?

You Didn't Build That

Government is not the cause of American prosperity. 

Horse and Rabbit Stew

A mixed economy is not without its virtues. 

When the Going Was Good

Deconstructing the economics of the post-war boom. 

A to Z

Everything worth knowing in sixteen volumes.