Reviews of Books

Justice League International

Updating the Constitution with an internationalist spin would effect a sea change in our constitutional order.

All Lives Matter

Violent crime in America ebbs and flows. 

The Case for Benign Neglect

The winners in the post-Cold War world will be those who best can manage its instability. 

Regarding Henry

A look at Kissinger's early idealism. 

Cash for Flunkers

If Mark Zuckerberg’s millions can't catalyze comprehensive public school reform, what can?

Bestriding the World

Roman history in a nutshell. 

The Cicero Test

A Ciceronian history of Rome. 

Ancient Authors

Classical literature and its transformative power. 

Sinner, Scholar, Saint

Augustine's spiritual journey. 

A Mere--Brilliant--Sophist

How to study Hume. 

Novelist and Calvinist

Marilynne Robinson is both a great novelist and a scholar. 

Brexit and All That

Robert Tombs's history of England covers the Neanderthals to New Labour.

Founding Scribblers

A look at the early debates that led to the birth of the American Republic. 

It Was a Very Good Year

The enduring appeal of William Shakespeare.

Rage Against the Machine

The tragic vision of Jonathan Franzen.

Adventures among the Apostrophes

The faultless grammar of Mary Norris.