Reviews of Books

The Higher Shamelessness

America is far from shameless.  

Losing the Argument

Robert Reilly believes conservatives have lost the battle to save traditional marriage because they've chosen losing arguments. 

What Women Want

Carol Iannone reviews Feminism Unfinished. 

The Church of Environmentalism

Jeremy Carl reviews four books on environmentalism. 

Helicopter Ben

James Grant reviews Ben Bernanke on the financial crisis. 

We Win, They Lose

Paul Kengor reviews Robert Services's book on the end of the Cold War. 

Foreign Policy, American-Style

Paul Carrese reviews Henry Nau's book on conservative internationalism.

Guide to Greatness

Andrew Roberts reviews Larry Arnn's book on Winston Churchill's three great trials. 

The Roosevelt Revolution

Tiffany Jones Miller looks at the way Roosevelt shaped modern America. 

Who Lost the Colonies?

Jake Rakove looks at the origins of the American Revolution.

People of the Book

Joseph Bottum reviews In the Beginning Was the Word: The Bible in American Public Life, 1492-1783.  

Scottish Philosophy, American Morality

Bruce Thornton looks at the influence of the Scottish Enlightenment on the American Founding.

Bellow's Gift

Tim Speikerman looks at Saul Bellow's life and work.