Reviews of Books

Man's Field

Mansfield and Manliness.

The War Over the War Powers

John Yoo, presidential initiative, and war.

Hijacking History

The Imperial Presidency and the Constitution.

God and Harold at Yale

A review of Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine, by Harold Bloom

The One That Got Away LOCK-ICON

A host of Melvilles have been invented for our times, yet the historical Melville remains opaque.

Dismal Science

The economic approach to human behavior vs. the human approach to economic behavior

Taking the Constitution Seriously LOCK-ICON

The originalism movement is doing better than anyone could have expected 20 years ago.

Twice-Told Tales

Henry Adams and American history.

Getting Theirs

Female chauvinist pigs (FCPs) and feminism.

Leaving the Constitution LOCK-ICON

Goodnow's assault on the separation of powers and its connection to Hegel.

The Grand Alliance

Churchill and American exceptionalism.

Mussolini's Brain Trust

Viewing "Italian Fascism" as an authentic expression of fascism as an intellectual movement.

Queen of the Grassroots

Phyllis Schlafly, the godmother of the conservative movement.