Reviews of Books

Science and Faith

As a scientific theory, Darwinism must be made susceptible to scientific refutation. 

From the New to the Old Whigs

Strengths and weaknesses of the Whig interpretation of the Glorious Revolution's legacy.

States' Rights and Wrongs

Reviewing a new history of the secession crisis.

Property vs. Democracy

Can any regime bring together equality and strong democracy with extensive material prosperity?

The Master

A review of The Best of Wodehouse: An Anthology, by P.G. Wodehouse

Against the Atheists

Christianity has less to fear from new atheism than from religious indifference and self-worship.

A Born Teacher

Now the Bill Buckley is gone, who will teach us to make the hole a little larger?

A Nicer Form of Tyranny

In order to defeat liberal fascism, conservatives will need to awaken from the progressive spell.

Not a Hugger

Cheney Derangement Syndrome is threatening the mental health of the cultural and political Left.

Golden Juggler

At 70 years old, America's finest essayist isn't ready to hit the showers just yet.

He Was No Alexander Hamilton

Aaron Burr may have been a politician, but he was no statesman.

The Persistence of Religion

A review of A Secular Age, by Charles Taylor