Reviews of Books

Just Examples

History, natural law, and Leo Strauss.

A New Deal for Roosevelt

The presidency of FDR, from the perspective of the post-Reagan era.

Silver-Tongued Democrat

The life of William Jennings Bryan.  

God of Battles

Examining the Christian clergy's intellectual and moral leadership during the Civil War.


A review of The Foreign Correspondent: A Novel, by Alan Furst

Like a Mighty Wind

The gospel of the born-again Religious Left.

Theater of War

Journalism, conspiracy-mongering, and the Iraq War.

The Buck Stopped Here

The revival of President Harry Truman.

Supreme Wit

The jurisprudence of Antonin Scalia.

The Mad, the Grim, and the Sot

A review of Osman's Dream: The History of the Ottoman Empire, by Caroline Finkel


Nicolas Sarkozy and the future of the French center-right.

Strategically Challenged

Insight into the devolution of America's foreign policy establishment.

Looking Backward

Alan Gibson and the study of the founding's historiography.

Classical Liberal

John Stuart Mill and the shaping of classical liberalism.

No Soldier Left Behind

A review of Soldiers to CitizenWhy the G.I. Bill was the most successful social welfare program in American history.s: The G.I. Bill and the Making of the Greatest Generation, by Suzanne Mettler

Hacks Americana

Journalism and the American founding.

Blame America First

What anti-Americanism means, what causes it, and how much it even matters.

Ungrateful Volcano

A history of foreign involvement in Iraq and what it means for America.

The Appreciative Mode

The history of novels, from Burke to Trilling.