Reviews of Books

A Thousand and One Nights

Rediscovering America's historical involvement in the Middle East.

No Euphoria Yet

Have we learned anything from the Iraq War?

Behind the Veil of Ignorance

John Rawls and the American political tradition.

Aryan Sister

The life of Leni Riefenstahl, the Third Reich's great documentary filmmaker.

From Under the Rubble

The life and works of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a true friend of human liberty.

Mother Tongue

The invention of the English language.

Back to the Cave

Reviewing two new translations of Plato's Republic.

The Genius of Old New York

A review of Edith Wharton, by Hermione Lee  

Making It New

The Curtain provides an elegant and compelling brief for the novel past, present, and future.

China Discovers the West

A history of China's relations with the West.

Welcome to Colonus

A review of The Theban Play of Sophocles, translated by David R. Slavitt.

The Broad Ground of Courage

Plato and noble courage.

Land of the Free

A retelling of American history, warts and all.