Reviews of Books

Soft in the Middle

Crunchy conservatism and the plan to save America.

Good Democrats and Bad Democrats

How little the Democratic Party has changed since Jackson's day.

New World, Old Myths

Recovering the historical truth of the American Indian and his conflicted, quirky humanity.

Redefining the Revolution

The Founding Fathers or the radical "unknowns" of the American Revolution?

Regime Change

Re-imagining the American founding to advance an ideological and political agenda.

Battlewise History

Lessons from ancient battles for contemporary America.

Reading, Writing, and Reform

Disproving 18 common beliefs about public education.

Between East and West

Turkey and correcting the gap in American's historical and geopolitical understanding.

Plato's Impossible Polity

A fresh reading of Plato's Republic.

Let Sleeping Beauties Lie

The sad end of children's literature.

Man of Letters

The remarkable life and writings of Samuel Johnson.

When Liberalism Was Young

Liberalism and the life of John Stuart Mill.

Where's the Love?

An account of Bernard-Henri Levy's travels across the United States.

Hedging Allegiance

Immigration and American civic nationalism.

An American Hero

Frederick Douglass and the principles of the American founding.

Magnanimous History

The prudence and humanity of Abraham Lincoln.

The Year Liberalism Died

American liberalism died in 1980.

Good-Government Conservatism

A call to renew our devotion to the principles of the American founding.

The Bad Man School of History

The unvirtuous life of Mao Zedong.