Reviews of Books

Dreams of Empire

America's flirtation with the notion of empire and international and domestic resistance.

Have Gun, Will Travel

The case for America's role as sheriff of the new world order.

Bureaucracy And Derring-Do

Human intelligence, bureaucracy, and America's failed efforts to take action against al-Qaeda.

Culture Versus Creed

What is an American?

Why America Works

American politics is split more along cultural than along economic lines.

The Price of Rights

Constitutional rights to welfare benefits is an idea that refuses to die in the world of academia.

Raw Deal

Why conservatives once despised the New Deal for all right reasons, and why they should do so again.

What Went Wrong?

America's Great Depression, and its long term consequences, were largely self-inflicted.

Owls in Iceland

Challenging the prevailing leftist orthodoxy about the Cold War and communism.

Consistently Right

Podhoretz was, in some sense, a conservative even when he was a '60s radical.

Un-American Activities

Political science and the revival of political philosophy.

The Man Who Made Modern America

A biography of the founder of the American government.

The Americanization of God

Understanding America's religious history through the eyes of Lincoln and Jonathan Edwards.

Lincoln's Audition

Revisiting the Cooper Union speech and Lincoln's ascent to the presidency.

Lincoln for Liberals

The real Lincoln still matters.

A President, Not a Preacher

Bush regards the remoralization of American life as his duty to the country and to his faith.

Mythic Morals

A review of Greek Gods, Human Lives: What We Can Learn From Myths, by Mary Lefkowitz

The Die Is Cast

The Ides of March may not be so remote from the Ides of September after all.

Politics And Piety

Locating in Vergil's thinking a model for penetrating an issue as critical for our time as for his

Three-Fifths Historian

No one of his generation was a more effective, influential foe of slavery than Jefferson himself.

A Closer Look Under The Bed

Why all the fuss about domestic communism in the 20th century?

The Three Rings

A review of The Monotheists: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Conflict and Competition, Volume I: The Peoples of God, by F. E. Peters

To Be As Gods

Socialism was defeated in the 20th century, but the belief at the heart of socialism survives.

FDR As Statesman

Roosevelt's legacy in domestic policy stands or falls with the authority of its "living Constitution".