Reviews of Books

Breaking the Perfect Tie

A much needed reappraisal of the realignment genre.


Examining the paleo-liberal.

Out Of Gas

Weinstein attempts to resurrect the socialist God that failed.

Utopia's Victims

Remembering the Soviet gulags...

We Anti-Nihilists

In the terror war, we confront the face of an old enemy: totalitarianism.

The Party's Not Over

In a country split politically almost 50-50, the fight may have gone out of third-party movements.

The Nelson Touch

A review of Nelson: Love and Fame, by Edgar Vincent

The Bible and Philosophy

Pangle and Krass grapple with the philosopher's perennial sparring partner: the Bible.

Father Of Our Country?

Was Winthrop America's founding father?

Crass Struggle

A review of A Leap in the Dark: The Struggle to Create the American Republic, by John Ferling

Debt & Taxes

The invention of public debt and its impact on American history

Lewis And Clark, Deconstructed

A review of Exploring Lewis and Clark: Reflections on Men and Wilderness, by Thomas P. Slaughter

Tipping The Scales

Proper understanding of judicial power requires re-examination of the great founders of modern liberalism.

In the Looking Glass

O'Connor offers her reflections on the law.

Tailgunner Ann

Ann Coulter, traitors, and political correctness

American Original

Willmore Kendall - a maverick among conservatives.

Immigration Nightmares

How border policy threatens national security, and how massive illegal immigration is transforming California into Mexifornia.

The Economic Muse

Watts attempts to establish common ground between economists and literary critics.

Dangerous Books

An indictment of American librarians' affection for the Soviet Union from the time of the Russian Revolution through the 1950s.

Shakespeare's Metaphysics

Craig portrays Shakespeare as a political philosopher with a special kinship to Plato.