Reviews of Books

Hillary's Makeover

As dreadful as these books are in a literary sense, they are politically instructive.

Hamilton And The Historians

In these pages, one finds Hamilton, the friend of republicanism and humanity.

Being Earnest

Why is it that America is loved and despised, resented and emulated and envied—often all at the same time? 

Natural Rights And Natural History

Jeopardizing the claims of the science of natural rights by allowing them to be disproved by the natural sciences is foolish.  

Rehnquist's Court and the Living Constitution

Does the living-constitution vision ultimately contribute to the happiness of the American people?

Disarming America

By rights, Lott's new book ought to have a powerful effect on the gun control debate in the country.  

Extremists All!

Levitas leaves the impression that there is nothing native to the United States that might enable us to resist the evils of racism and anti-semitism.

Crushing One's Enemies

Dating only from the 17th century, The Book of Five Rings is a Japanese work on the specifics of martial arts and swordsmanship.

Terrorist Or Madman?

A review of John Brown: The Legend Revisited, by Merrill D. Peterson

The Word is Nigh

Podhoretz's book is at once a work of biblical scholarship and polemic.

Reading Up on Islam

Most books on Islam should be ignored, but there are a few gems.

A Readable Kant

This new edition caters to those seeking a readable, readily available, and reliably literal translation of Kant's Metaphysics of Morals

Writing Straight With Crooked Lines

Weigel argues that the Catholic Church in the United States is going through the worst crisis of its long history

Nothing to Declare

Dershowitz would reclaim the Declaration of Independence from Thomas Jefferson and the revolutionaries of 1776.

Unfinished Testament

America's story is interwoven with religion and cannot be told accurately without noting Christianity's influence. 

Calling Liberalism's Bluff

Anti-foundationalists have not in fact succeeded in shutting down the possibility of philosophy.

The Christian Socrates

Fortin offers a distinctively medieval view of the permanent question as to what is politics.

Uncivil Liberties

Whether citizens embody virtue is not an issue in Neier's atomistic view of liberty

Angst, American Style

Certain strains of American existentialism court political imprudence while others preserve the tokens of hope and truth.

The Ideologue And The Pragmatist

Telling the history of conservatism exposes the power of ideas to form, deform, or reform the world we inhabit. 

The Lonely Scold

Is Nader's truculence and grating moralism simply the product of the peculiar personality or is it the result of a "public interest" political ideology

The War To End All Politics

Many Europeans have succumbed to the temptation of a transnational community that will put an end to politics

Springtime in Paris

International peace and justice requires the sustained application of power and purpose that cannot be generated by the international community.

The Limits Of Freedom

A greater biological and mechanistic understanding of human nature does not mean we must abandon human values.

Why Males Rule

The American constitutional regime is designed to satisfy both the manly desire to rule and popular desire to be free from tyrannical rule

A Rake's Progress

Brookhiser gives us a portrait of a man who is too worldly to be approached as a hero, yet not so world-weary that we can be cynical.

The Libertarian Dodge

By treating civil rights and natural rights, Kaminer would deprive the people of their right to peace and order

Life, Liberty, And The Defense of Human Nature

If left alone, biotechnology will reduce our humanity and virtue.

Winning One For The Gipper

Reagan's devotion to principle allowed him to see past the immediate crisis and go on to some of his greatest successes.