Who Will Educate the Educators?

A review of The Troubled Crusade: American Education 1945-1980 and The Schools We Deserve: Reflections on the Educational Crises of Our Time by Diane Ravitch, and Challenge to American Schools: The Case for Standards and Values, edited by John H.

Ersatz Founding Fathers

A review of The Anti-Federalist: Writings by the Opponents of the Constitution, Selections by Murray Dry from Herbert Storing's The Complete Anti-Federalist, and The Essential Antifederalist, edited by W.B. Allen and Gordon Lloyd

Empty Passions of Modern Men

A review of Passion: An Essay on Personality, by Roberto Unger

Judicial Enlightenment Run Riot

A review of On What the Constitution Means, by Sotirios Barber

Bad Marx for Thomas Sowell

A review of Marxism: Philosophy and Economics, by Thomas Sowell

Moral Capital

A review of The Spirit of Enterprise, by George Gilder

God Save This Honorable Court!

A review of United States Reports, 1984-85 Term, by Warren E. Burger et al.

Shaky Legal Foundations

A review of A Theory of Law, by Philip Soper

New Babbits

A review of Habits of the Heart:Individualism and Commitment in American Life, by Robert Bellah, Richard Madsen, William Sullivan, Ann Swidler, and Steven Tipton

The Naivete of George Kennan

A review of The Fateful Alliance: France, Russia, and the Coming of the First World War, by George Kennan

American Warriors, and Their Women

A review of Machine Dreams, by Jayne Anne Phillips