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Justin Dyer

Justin Dyer is assistant professor of political science at the University of Missouri and the author, most recently, of Slavery, Abortion, and the Politics of Constitutional Meaning (Cambridge University Press).

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Nature in the Dock
By: Justin Dyer
Posted: November 8, 2016
This article appeared in: Vol. XVI, Number 4, Fall 2016

Why does the natural law matter?

Marriage License
By: Justin Dyer
Posted: August 25, 2015
This article appeared in: Volume XV, Number 3, Summer 2015

A review of What's Wrong with Homosexuality, by John Corvino, and Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything, by Robert Reilly.

Truth Marching On
By: Justin Dyer
Posted: May 22, 2013
This article appeared in: Vol. XIII, Number 2 - Spring 2013

A review of American Antislavery Writings: Colonial Beginnings to Emancipation (Library of America), edited by James G. Basker