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Gordon S. Wood
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Best of Enemies
By: Richard Samuelson
Posted: February 21, 2019
This article appeared in: Volume XIX, Number 1, Winter 2019

Gordon Wood's method presumes that there is not a robust or transhistorical human nature.

Founding Frenemies
By: Michael M. Rosen
Posted: February 5, 2018
Adams and Jefferson's long, difficult relationship....
Processed History
By: Richard Samuelson
Posted: June 28, 2010
This article appeared in: Vol. X, Number 2 - Spring 2010

A review of Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815 , by Gordon S. Wood

Civil Libertarianism
Posted: July 16, 2014
This article appeared in: Volume VI, No. 1 - Spring 1988

A review of Changing Course: Civil Rights at the Crossroads, by Clint Bolick