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Fred Siegel

Fred Siegel is professor of history and humanities at The Cooper Union.  He also taught at Columbia University, Queens College, Empire State College. Siegel has been a Mellon Fellow, a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, and a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies. He is the author of The Prince of the City: Giuliani, New York and the Genius of American Life (Encounter Books).

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The High-Low Coalition
By: Wilfred M. McClay
Posted: March 3, 2014
This article appeared in: Vol. XIV, Number 1 - Winter 2013/14

The power of liberalism has translated into the steady enrichment of those who wield it, and into steadily diminishing prospects in the lives of the very people it first rose to serve, writes Wilfred M. McClay in the Claremont Review of Books.

America's Mayor
By: James Q. Wilson
Posted: January 24, 2006
This article appeared in: Vol. VI, Number 1 - Winter 2005/06

Rudy Giuliani and the future of the Republican party.

Philosophy in Support of Morality
By: William Mathie
Posted: July 16, 2014
This article appeared in: ,

A review of English-Speaking Justice, by George Grant, and George Grant and the Twilight of Justice, by Joan O'Donovan