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Alan Dershowitz
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Is the Pope Catholic?
By: Robert Royal
Posted: February 21, 2019
This article appeared in: Volume XIX, Number 1, Winter 2019
What Francis hath wrought. 
Triumph and Tragedy
By: Michael Nelson
Posted: August 12, 2014
This article appeared in: Vol. XIV, Number 3, Summer 2014

How civil rights went wrong.

The Pettifoggery of War
By: John Yoo
Posted: September 27, 2006
This article appeared in: Vol. VI, Number 4 - Fall 2006

Preemption in an age of terrorism and nuclear weapons.

The Rights and Wrongs of Alan Dershowitz
By: Hadley Arkes
Posted: November 4, 2005
This article appeared in: Vol. V, Number 4 - Fall 2005

Dershowitz's secular theory of the origin of rights.

Nothing to Declare
By: Christopher Flannery
Posted: August 27, 2003
This article appeared in: Vol. III, Number 4 - Fall 2003

Dershowitz would reclaim the Declaration of Independence from Thomas Jefferson and the revolutionaries of 1776.