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The False Prophets of American Conservatism

Contrary to our 'paleoconservatives,' the truths of the Founding do not depend solely upon tradition or divine revelation, but are 'discerned in human nature' by human reason grounded in 'self-evident truths.'" —Distinguished fellow Harry V. Jaffa

The American Founding as the Best Regime

Harry V. Jaffa argues that America is very close to the best regime possible in practice, given the nature of the modern world. The bonding of religious and civil liberty we enjoy in America would have been impossible in the ancient world.

The Party of Lincoln vs. The Party of Bureaucrats

Harry V. Jaffa, in a piece that originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal, argues for a restoration of constitutionalism over bureaucracy.

What Ought a Bureaucrat Do?

Civil servants are granted an awesome amount of power, but they bear an awesome responsibility to interpret and execute the law rightly. What principles should guide them in carrying out their task, asks Kevin R. Kosar.

The Political Conditions of Legislative-Bureaucratic Supremacy

Dr. John Marini discusses the constitutional crisis of the modern Congress created by its delegation of lawmaking to the executive branch and its opportunistic relationship with the judiciary.

Arthur Schlesinger on Calvin Coolidge

The prize-winning historian at work.

Rethinking the Foundations of Religious Freedom

Phil Munoz on the idea of religion at the Founding.

Kennedy on Daily Caller

The Daily Caller's Ginni Thomas interviews Claremont Institute President Brian Kennedy  "Despite his low approval ratings, President Barack Obama has not been challenged by Congress to the degree that many conservatives believe that he should be. Claremont Institute president Bri...

Political Philosophy Needs Revelation: A Conversation with James V. Schall

Mardi Gras (March 4, 2014) thoughts on Harry Jaffa’s change of mind, political philosophy, revelation, and Pope Francis.

Why It is Hard to Fix California

Claremont Institute President Brian Kennedy on the material abundance and political woes of the Golden State.

The Theology of the United States

Liberals believe that the American principle of religious liberty requires not only the separation of church and state, but also the separation of religion from politics. They argue that a prohibited "establishment of religion" exists whenever government promotes religion at all. Some c...

Nature and Happiness in Locke

Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Thomas G. West reviews Michael Zuckert's Launching Liberalism

Allan Bloom and America

[This review originally appeared in Vol. VI, No. 1 of the first iteration of the Claremont Review of Books, in the 1988 spring issue] Allan Bloom's Closing of the American Mind was published in 1987, and it has been bought, if not exactly read, by millions of Americans since th...

The Liberal Assault on Freedom of Speech

America has less freedom of speech today than it has ever had in its history. Yet it is widely believed that it has more. Liberal law professor Archibald Cox has written: "The body of law presently defining First Amendment liberties" grew out of a "continual expansion of individual fr...

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