The Claremont Review of Books offers bold arguments for a reinvigorated conservatism, which draws upon the timeless principles of the American Founding and applies them to the moral and political problems we face today. By engaging policy at the level of ideas, the CRB aims to reawaken in American politics a statesmanship and citizenship worthy of our noblest political traditions.

Volume XV Number 1

Table of Contents

From the Editor's Desk

Charles R. Kesler: 
Scott Walker, Unplugged



Winning the Cold War; Law of War; The Illiberal Left

In Memoriam

Michael M. Uhlmann: Edward J. Erler: Thomas G. West: Larry P. Arnn: 
Harry V. Jaffa, 1918-2015

Tributes by Michael M. Uhlmann, Edward J. Erler, Thomas G. West, and Larry P. Arnn

Michael Anton: 
Harry V. Jaffa: An Appreciation


William Voegeli: 
The Newest New Right

The latest prescription for a conservative majority.

David Pryce Jones: 
The Achievement of Martin Gilbert

Churchill's official biographer was worthy of his subject.

John J. Miller: 

Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Victorian imagination.

Reviews of Books

Diana Schaub: 
Equality and Liberty

John C. Briggs: 
Understanding Greatness

Steven B. Smith: 
Whistling Dixie

Gerard Alexander: 
Getting the Right All Wrong

Christopher Caldwell: 
The Browning of America

Benjamin Balint: 
The Rise and Fall of the New Republic

Michael S. Greve: 
Too Big To Succeed

John G. West: 
Revolution, Not Revelation

Jeremy Rozansky: 
Warrior of Zion

Michael Barone: 
The Language of Liberty

Timothy Burns: 
Small Latin and Less Greek

Harvey C. Mansfield: 
Secret Teaching

C.J. Wolfe: 
The Philosopher and the Theologian

Matthew J. Peterson: 
Nature Trail

Ronald Radosh: 
What Becomes a Liar Most?

Shadow Play

Parthian Shot

Bradley C.S. Watson: 
Call to Arms

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