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The Claremont Review of Books offers bold arguments for a reinvigorated conservatism, which draws upon the timeless principles of the American Founding and applies them to the moral and political problems we face today. By engaging policy at the level of ideas, the CRB aims to reawaken in American politics a statesmanship and citizenship worthy of our noblest political traditions.

Vol. XIV Number 4, Fall 2014

Table of Contents

From the Editor's Desk

Charles R. Kesler: 
Red Tide Rising



William Voegeli: 
Left, Right, and Human

Joseph Cropsey's "Conservatism and Liberalism" at 50.

Angelo M. Codevilla: 
While the Storm Clouds Gather*

Can we restore respect and secure peace, at home and abroad?

Algis Valiunas: 
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Orwell in the Orwellian Century

Even "the crystal spirit" had his blind spots.

Reviews of Books

Steven F. Hayward: 
Bridge to Nowhere

John J. Pitney, Jr.: 
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The Year of Living Dangerously

Jeremy Rabkin: 
This Means War

Christopher Caldwell: 
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Twilight of Democracy

Michael M. Uhlmann: 
Appointed Tyrants

Rich Lowry: 
I Feel Your Pain

Allan H. Meltzer: 
Only content.
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Too Much Hype Chasing Too Little Wisdom

Bradley C.S. Watson: 
Limiting Government, But Not Judges

John Eastman: 
Down to the Bare Wood

Allen C. Guelzo: 
The Logic of Liberty

Richard Brookhiser: 
Shaking Hands with Madison and Lincoln

Daniel DiSalvo: 
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Bright Lights, Big City

John Derbyshire: 
Only content.
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Every Day in Every Way

Rupert Darwall: 
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The Greening of America

Lauren Weiner: 
Labor of Love

Bruce S. Thornton: 
A Mirror in Marble

Cheryl Miller: 
Reading Is Fundamental

Locus Classicus

Shadow Play

Martha Bayles: 
Tolstoy in Texas

Parthian Shot

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