Claremont Institute


Senior Staff

Michael Pack
President and CEO

Ryan Williams
Chief Operating Officer

Bob Gransden
Chief Financial Officer

Christine Domenech
Vice President of Development

Amanda Callanan
Director of Communications

James Denton
Senior Consultant

Claremont Review of Books

Charles R. Kesler

Christopher Flannery
Senior Editor

William Voegeli
Senior Editor

John B. Kienker
Managing Editor

Patrick Collins
Production Editor

Lindsay Eberhardt
Assistant Editor

Joseph Tartakovsky
Contributing Editor

Program Staff

Muhammed Syed
Program Officer

Laurel Conrad
Communications and Marketing Associate

Kirstin Gadiel
Events Manager

Charles R. Kesler
Host of The American Mind

Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence

Dr. John C. Eastman
Founding Director

Cristen Wohlgemuth
Executive Director

Anthony T. Caso
Director, Constitutional Jurisprudence Clinic

Gina Cecere
Executive Assistant

Support Staff

Lanisha Almaraz
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO 

Carolyn Bifone
Office Manager

Sandra Dirks
Circulation Manager

Ted Ellis
Development Coordinator

Sharon Rudisel
Accounting Assistant

Mary Sullivan
Accounting Coordinator

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